#2 Resto Max Med./Lubricated Compound 16 oz. Btl. (Case of 12)

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#2 Resto Max Med./Lubricated Compound 16 oz. Btl. (Case of 12)

  • Heavy swirl & oxidation removal
  • Medium scratch removal
  • Lubricated, fast acting abrasive cut
  • Removes 1200-1500 grit sand marks
  • Will not load up wool or foam pads
  • Contains no silicon – body shop safe

Resto Max quickly & easily removes many types of surface problems from paint, gel coat, plastic or Lexan. It safely removes medium oxidation, hard water spots, acid rain marks, bird droppings stains, light to medium scratches and the ‘ghosting’ effect of decal removal. Resto Max has been formulated with a non-silicon lubricant to assist the effectiveness of the micro abrasives. Leaves a silky smooth surface and is easy to use by hand and does not load up on buffing pads.


By Machine: Shake well. Clean and dry all surfaces. Use either a wool or foam medium cutting pad. Dispense a small amount of product on the desired surface and spread evenly using the face of the buffer pad. Start buffing with firm pressure and gradually reduce. Work areas to desired finish and remove residue with a soft clean cloth. By Hand: Shake well. Apply a small amount to surface and rub in a circular motion with a polishing cloth. Remove residue off with a separate soft clean cloth. Keep product from temperature extremes. If product becomes frozen let thaw and shake vigorously to re-establish consistency

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