Aluminum Quickcenter, Self-Centering Safety Flange Set

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Aluminum Quickcenter, Self-Centering Safety Flange Set

The buffing wheels in the new D C Super Shine Ultra Performance Kits are without centers, thus allowing us to employ this 4.5” quick center, self-centering flange set. The outside disc in this flange set design is threaded, thus eliminating the need for a washer and nut for the polisher arbor; and in most instances this system solves the problem of working with an arbor that is too short to accommodate the buffing wheel and flange set. The performance of the combination of high quality 20 ply fast cut buffing wheels and the quick center flange set is extremely smooth and reliable. No tools are required for this set up, and we are especially pleased that the 4.5” flange set entirely covers the entire clinch ring. When hand tightened, the flanges put pressure upon the clinch ring thus providing increased protection against the possibility of buffing wheel material coming loose from the clinch ring.


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