Britemax Max Shine (16 oz. Btl.)


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Britemax Max Shine (16 oz. Btl.)
Combination Formula (Brazilian Carnauba & Montan Wax inc Polymer
  • Combination Formula (Brazilian Carnauba & Montan Wax inc Polymers)
  • Super High Gloss
  • Auto, 4×4, motorbike & marine applications
  • Long Lasting Durability
  • Can be used in direct sunlight

Max shine combines Brazilian Carnauba and Montan wax along with a blend of amino-functional polymers that chain together to deliver a deep, high gloss finish with superb durability. Max Shine can be used as a standalone product or as a gloss enhancer applied after Britemax Extreme Elements. Does not leave a greasy film residue commonly seen with thin liquid silicone waxes.


By Machine: Shake well. Clean and dry all surfaces. Dispense a liberal amount of product on the desired surface and spread evenly & thinly using the face of the buffer pad. Move buffer back and forth slowly using moderate pressure. Let the product dry to a haze. Remove dried residue with a clean dry soft cloth. By Hand: Shake well. Apply with a soft applicator pad. Spread evenly and thinly. Use a circular motion. Buff and remove dried residue off with a separate clean soft cloth. If the product is applied too thickly or left to dry overnight, apply a mist of Britemax Spray & Shine to help with removing the haze. Keep product from temperature extremes. If product becomes frozen let thaw and shake vigorously to re-establish consistency.


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