Busch Metal Polish Set (One Each, 16 oz. btls.)


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Busch Metal Polish Set (One Each, 16 oz. btls.)

Busch Super Shine Aluminum Polish rapidly cuts through oxidation. Black residue wipes off easily. excellent resisting to dulling. Use on uncaoted aluminum surfaces such as wheels ( machined, brushed and polished), tool boxes, bumpers, grill surrounds, diamond plate, fuel tanks, and steps plus copper, brass and stainless steel. Also removes water spots from glass and haze from headlights. Fast and Easy formulation.

Busch Aluminum Wax & Sealant is for polished uncoated aluminum surfaces. Use of this product will produce a mirror-like luster and improve corrosion resistance. Very easy to use – no difficult rubbing.  This product is not formulated for the initial polishing step. For this step select the Busch Super Shine Aluminum Polish. Use The Wax & Sealant as the final step for added brilliance and protection.


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