Extreme Elements 2.0 Polymer Resin Sealant (16 oz. btl.)



Extreme Elements 2.0 Polymer Resin Sealant (16 oz. btl.)

  • New and improved formulation
  • Formulated with amino-functional fluids and resins
  • Creates a protective shield
  • Incredible depth of shine
  • Impervious to natural elements and man-made pollutants
  • Long lasting durability and protection

Extreme Elements 2.0’s new and improved VOC compliant formulation is a super durable resin polymer sealant that offers a new dimension in durability, gloss and protection.

Breakthrough technology allows us to load this product with 7 times (700%) more resin than the original. Our resin enforced product now provides incredible protection whilst adding depth of shine and warmth to painted surfaces.

This provides Extreme Elements 2.0 with outstanding levels of water beading and protection against corrosion, oxidation, UV rays and surface contaminants. Protects your vehicle month, after month against arid climates, acid rain, bird droppings and salt water.

Extreme Elements 2.0 is the closest rival to the protection of a ceramic coating in an easy to use cream based product.


By Hand. Shake well. Apply with a soft applicator pad. Spread evenly and thinly. Use a circular motion. Allow to bond for at least 20 mins before removing dried residue with a separate clean soft cloth. Once removed, allow another 20 minutes to an hour cure time before applying a second layer to ensure even coverage.

By Machine. Shake well.  Clean and dry all surfaces. Dispense a liberal amount of product onto a soft foam finishing pad and apply using a dual action polisher at slow speed. Move buffer back and forth slowly using moderate pressure. Let the product dry to a haze for at least 20mins. Remove dried residue with a clean dry soft cloth.


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