Jescar Ultra Lock + Plus (16 oz. btl.)



Jescar Ultra Lock + Plus (16 oz. btl.)

This is my new go-to product for my personal vehicles. Prior to the release of this product i was using Jescar Power Lock Plus for paint protection. This product performed very well in terms of ease of use, deep shine, and longevity. This new product goes even beyond the performance of Power Lock Plus. It is a ceramic-polymer sealant. Jescar Ultra Lock Plus provides an ultra-deep wet look finish. I have had people comment about the shine on my vehicle and it hasn’t even been washed for a month since I applied it! It will give your paint a super slick feel and has excellent hydrophobic properties.

Try this product on your aluminum. I have had customers comment about using Power Lock Plus on their aluminum and how much of a difference it made in preserving the shine. I would expect that Ultra Lock Plus will perform even better! It is very easy to apply and remove. My method is to use a very slightly damp microfiber applicator. I apply it to the entire vehicle, wiat for at least a half hour, and then wipe it off with a clean microfiber towel. The reason for leaving the product on for a bit is for the polymers to cure somewhat and provide better bonding to the surface.


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