Leather Max 16 oz. Btl. (Case of 12)

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Leather Max 16 oz. Btl. (Case of 12)


Leather Max is a cream style leather and vinyl cleaner & conditioner that penetrates and protects leather surfaces and delivers a long lasting, non-greasy satin finish. The special formulation penetrates the surface unlike silicone treatments that simply sit on the surface and attract dust. Leather Max increases pliability, preventing cracking and adds a pleasant leather scent. The cream style consistency allows for controlled application versus spray type products. Not for use on suede.


Shake well. Apply a small amount to a clean cloth and check in small inconspicuous location for colourfastness. Rub evenly into the surface until desired area is treated. With an untreated dry surface, dry spots may occur as Leather Max is absorbed. Re-apply until surface is completely conditioned and has a uniform appearance. Lightly buff with a clean dry cloth. Not for use on suede.

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