Marpol Polishing Kit (10″ Buffing Wheels)



Marpol Polishing Kit (10″ Buffing Wheels)

In this kit the medium/heavy cut purple buffing wheel has been selected for the initial cut because I am hearing from  customers that it cuts similar to fast cut buffing wheels they have used in the past. The purple wheel matches up well with the C-106 rouge bar in this kit. I have also inserted the Sicrigz Metal Polish set in this kit because of its popularity among Marpol polishers.

*Two 10″ Purple Medium/Heavy 16 ply buffing wheels

*One C-106 Primary Cut pink rouge bar (Use with Purple buffs)

*Two 10″ Green Medium/Light 16 ply buffing wheels

*One VOLAX blue Mirror Finishing rouge bar (Use with green buffs)

*One 10″ “Patiska”  Snow White16 ply buffing wheel

*One CRX Super Finish rouge bar (Use with “Patiska” buff)

*One Marpol Centering Flange Kit

*One Rake for cleaning buffing wheels

*Sicrigz Metal Polish Set (Aggressive & Fine). Use the aggressive metal polish for areas you are unable to access with buffs and rouges (blending). Use the fine for final wipe down or as a follow up to the aggressive polish.

This kit does not include sanding discs. If you need sanding discs, see under, “Polishers, Sanding Discs, etc.”  If you want a sanding kit that has 25 discs of each of these grits – 180, 320, 400, 600 – you will find it under this category or the “DC Super Shine Kits and Supplies” category.

If you purchased the items in this kit separately your cost for the items would be $205.00. Shipping would be $30.95. The kit is being offered for $194.00. Shipping will only cost you $10.95. This is, of course, if you are not ordering additional items. If ordering just the kit, you save $31.00.





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