Menzerna Metal Polish Polishing Cream (4.4 oz., 125g)



Menzerna Metal Polish Polishing Cream (4.4 oz., 125g)

Menzerna metal polish cream is formulated for ultra fine polishing.  Best results will be achieved by using a very soft medium such as flannel material. This creamy polish works without the use of abrasives to produce a rich, brilliant shine. The polishing cream also leaves a protective film on the metal surface to help prolong the shine. You can apply this product by hand or machine. If applying by machine, please see the flannel bonnets offered under “Polishers, Sanding Discs, etc.”, page 8. In order to use these bonnets you will need the backing plate and wool pad offered in the kit on that page.

Menzerna Polishing Cream  can be used on all metal surfaces to enhance the shine. It is particularly ideal for polishing chrome. it can also be used on plastics, jewelry, and musical instruments.


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