NEW: DEWALT Angle Grinder, 5 to 6 Inch Variable Speed (DWE43240INOX)


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NEW:  DEWALT Angle Grinder, 5 to 6 Inch Variable Speed (DWE43240INOX)


This Dewalt small angle grinder is the perfect choice for  polishing tight spaces such as the front and back of tanks, air tanks, front, back, and top of boxes, drive wheels on or off the truck. It is also ideal for sanding. Highly recommended by one of my customers.  It is a variable speed grinder with a 9000 rpm capability.  We recommend using at 3500 rpms and lower for polishing and sanding. This angle grinder has a brushless motor so there are no brushes to change. The electronic Kickback Brake engages when a pinch, stall, or bind-up event is sensed,  thus engaging  to quickly stop the wheel.  Remove the guard and you can use this grinder with an  8″ buffing wheel or less. This is another great tool to make your work easier! Below you find a summary from Dewalt of the product features as well as specifications:


Product Overview

This 5 in./6 in. Brushless Small Angle Grinder with Variable Speed Slide Switch, INOX has a brushless motor, eliminating the need to replace brushes. It’s designed for Stainless Steel (INOX) grinding and features a brake that quickly stops the wheel on motor shutoff. Our Kickback Brake and E-CLUTCH are PERFORM & PROTECT features that help deliver enhanced user protection without affecting performance. This grinder is ready for the jobsite, where performance matters and toughness is expected.

  • Brushless motor requires no brush changes
  • Kickback brake engages when a pinch, stall or bind-up event is sensed and the electronic brake engages with maximum force to quickly stop the wheel, reduce the movement of the grinder and shut the grinder off
  • E-Switch Protection: the on/off trigger switch has a no-volt release function, in the event of a power outage or other unexpected shut down, the trigger switch will need to be cycled (turned off and then on) to restart tool
  • Lanyard ready integrated lanyard connection point (lanyard not included)
  • Variable speed options offers the ability to change wheel speed for applications as needed
  • Brake stops wheel in 2-seconds or less on average using DW4624 wheel
  • For use with 5 in. and 6 in. wheels


  • Amps 13 Amps
  • E-Clutch® / Overload Protection true
  • Kickback Brake true
  • Max Watts Out 1800 W
  • Power Tool Type Corded
  • Spindle Size 5/8 in. – 11 in
  • Tool Length 13 in
  • Tool Weight 5.3 lbs
  • Wheel Diameter 6″


  • Grinder
  • Side Handle
  • Hex Key
  • Inner and outer flange
  • 6 in. type 27 guard


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