P164 Medium Cut Blue Rouge Bar (Approx 3 lb. Case = 16 Bars)



P164 Medium Cut Blue Rouge Bar (Approx 3 lb. Case = 16 Bars)

According to the Menzerna technical datasheet the P14f is their preferred recommendation for a medium cut rouge bar on aluminum.  They list the P164 rouge bar in connection with precious metals; but they also mention its suitability for all non-ferrous metals such as aluminum. etc. So why choose this bar over the P14f? I asked Perry Soper this question and she told me that the P164 provides more color than the P14f. She said that she often uses it with an untreated white buffing wheel as a color/finish in one. She likes the greater “luster” it brings out, which makes sense when you consider that it was formulated for precious metals. Perry also mentioned that the P164, because it does have some cut to it, makes a great touch up bar when needed. In addition to using this bar with an untreated white buff she said that this bar pairs well with a loose muslin buff. So, maybe a little less cut than the P14 but more color with the P164. When using this bar Perry runs it around 3000 – 3200 rpms, a little higher than when using a different bar for coloring.


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