Renegade 9″ Orange Buffing Wheel (Primary Cut)

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Renegade 9″ Orange Buffing Wheel (Primary Cut)

Use the orange wheel with the Renegade T-88 Brown Tripoli rouge bar for an initial cut on aluminum. The recommended rpms is between 3000 and 3500. This cutting stage will give you a moderately bright reflection. (Note:  Sand first if necessary. If using sanding discs, start at either 180 grit or 320 grit. Work up to 600 grit (180, 320, 400, 600 ). See under “Polishers, Sanding Discs, etc.” Buff & Blend discs are also available under this present Renegade category. We offer medium – 180-220 grit discs, or very fine – 320-400 grit discs.)

Follow the cutting step with the yellow buffing wheel along with the G-16 Green rouge bar.  This will create a brighter, more detailed reflection. The second stage with the yellow wheel and G-16 green  bar is best approached at slightly less rpms, around 2800 to 3200. (See note below)

To give your work that ultimate high luster, you can finish your project with the flannel wheel and the SS-510 Purple rouge bar. Drop your rpms to around 2000.

Note:  If you are working on stainless, the red buffing wheel listed below is recommended for an initial cut along with the SS-11 Black Magic rouge bar. Follow up with the pink buffing wheel and the Yellow SS-617 rouge bar.


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