Virtue Si02 Primer Polish (16 oz. btl)

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Virtue Si02 Primer Polish (16 oz. btl)

  • Ceramic Coating Prep
  • Adds a layer of Si02 protection
  • Superb Hydrophobic Gloss
  • Use with DA, Rotary or by Hand
  • Body shop safe

Britemax Virtue is a silica primer finishing polish designed to leave painted surfaces with a high gloss finish, ready to be sealed. Featuring a blend of durable resins that produce unparalleled levels of gloss and nano-tech quartz technology.

Virtue contains fine abrasives manufactured to remove light swirls and scratches, whilst leaving behind semi-permanent fillers to create the perfect finish.

Virtue can be used as a preparation primer polish for use under both our consumer grade sealant Extreme Elements 2.0 as well as our professional grade Amethyst Quartz and Igneous Quartz ceramic coatings.

Allow Virtue 2-3 hours to fully cure before coating (20 mins under IR lamp).

As a standalone solution, Virtue leaves vehicles surfaces protected and extremely hydrophobic for up to 6 months.


By Machine: Shake well. Clean and dry all surfaces. Use a polishing / finessing buffing pad. Dispense a liberal amount of product on the desired surface and spread evenly using the face of the buffer pad. Increase buffer speed and gradually reduce pressure. Work areas to desired finish. Buff and remove dried residue with a clean soft cloth.

By Hand: Shake well. Apply a small amount to surface and rub in a circular motion with a polishing cloth. Buff dried residue off with a separate soft clean cloth. Keep product from temperature extremes. If product becomes frozen let thaw and shake vigorously to re-establish consistency.


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