Zephyr EZ Money 10″ Buffing Wheel


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This buffing wheel brings two key characteristics to polishers everywhere: speed and ease of use.

For the polisher considering speed, it exploits its unique alternating ply structure from super soft flannel to silky but tough combed cotton to cut and color on the same wheel. A single pass allows the polisher to cut out the rough surface left by an optional, but recommended 600-800 grit sanding, and leaves a finish that only requires a quick wipe down. Try our Pro 40 Liquid Metal Polish and a quick wipe down to put a final sheen and protective coating on the metal surface.

On the other hand, a polisher who is beginning their journey with a grinder and buff will appreciate that due to the lower RPM speed used by this buffing wheel they do not need to worry about burning the aluminum surface. This is a massive ease of use improvement for beginners who can run over a surface without worrying they’ll have to sand or recut out burn marks on the aluminum surface.

Utilizing an alternating ply of super soft double napped brushed flannel and a silky combed cotton, this sewed cotton wheel is stacked ply by ply to a super thick tight-sewn wheel that packs a punch on a grinder.


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